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Mercy House Adult & Teen Challenge of Georgetown is a 14 month men’s residential Christian discipleship program. Our mission is to provide adult men an effective & comprehensive Christian faith- based solution to life-controlling drug and alcohol problems in order to become productive members of society. By applying biblical principles, Mercy House Adult & Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.

Real Results

Illicit Drug Use In The United States Has Been Increasing

In 2013, an estimated 24.6 million Americans aged 12 or older—9.4 percent of the population—had used an illicit drug in the past month. This number is up from 8.3 percent in 2002.*

Adult & Teen Challenge Has A Solution

Secular rehabs experience success rates of only 5-10%. Teen Challenge has a proven track record of over 70%...

The Statistics

Drug Related Deaths Are On The Rise

The age-adjusted rate of drug overdose deaths increased from 6.1 per 100,000 population in 1999 to 16.3 in 2015. Unintentional drug overdose death rates increased from 4.0 per 100,000 in 1999 to 13.8 in 2015+

Opioids Are A National Crisis

The rate of drug overdose deaths involving any type of opioid increased from 2.9 per 100,000 in 1999 to 10.4 in 2015. Unintentional drug overdose death rates involving any type of opioid increased from 2.1 per 100,000 in 1999 to 9.3 per 100,000 in 2015++

Teen Challenge Statistics

87.5% of graduates do not require additional treatment in drug treatment programs after leaving Teen Challenge++

67% of the graduates are regularly attending church. 57% of the graduates are involved in church work++

73% of the graduates are self-supporting by earning their own salary. Of those who are currently employed, 58% have been at their present job for over one year++

Drug Use In Mississippi

In 2016, there were 180 opioid-related overdose deaths­­­ in Mississippi—a rate of 6.2 deaths per 100,000 persons*+

HIV In Mississippi

Of the new HIV cases in 2015, 509 occurred in Mississippi, with 3.2 percent of new cases in males & 6.0 percent of new cases in females attributed to IDUs (Intravenous Drug Users)**+

Real Testimonies. Real Lives. Real Change.

In 2017 Mercy House Adult & Teen Challenge had 17 graduates. In 2018 we had 24 graduates, with 80% sober today. The Teen Challenge national average is above 70% for a graduate remaining sober up to 5 years after successful completion of the program. Faith-based programs work!

We believe they work because God is the One working in them. Please watch these testimonies & be inspired that there is hope. Jesus Christ offers forgiveness & freedom from the bondage of drug & alcohol addiction.

Our Solution To Addiction - Adult & Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge USA is a nationwide ministry serving adults & teens whose lives have been affected by drugs & alcohol. Their 200+ Christ-centered programs offer help to over five thousand individuals every month. Teen Challenge’s residential centers focus on bringing people out of addiction through a year-long program that emphasizes discipleship & freedom through Jesus Christ. In addition, Teen Challenge provides a variety of evangelistic outreaches.

Since beginning in 1958, the ministry of Teen Challenge has now expanded around the world to include 1,100+ ministry points in 110 countries. With nearly 25 million Americans suffering from drug addiction, Teen Challenge offers hope & healing to those in need.

Teen Challenge is a leader in recovery & is expanding services offered to include: nonresidential-community based programs called LifeLine, training for inmates in state & federal prisons; additional mothers-&-children centers; expanded re-entry training; outpatient counseling & violence in the workplace training. Teen Challenge works closely with government officials to offer recovery assistance in lieu of incarceration. Stay Sharp programs are available for middle & high school students & focus on abstinence from drugs, violence, alcohol & premarital sex.


I've believed in this ministry since its very beginning. And I continue to support it. I consider it a real privilege to endorse this work. Thank God for Teen Challenge!

Billy Graham
American Evangelist

We have long been aware of the tremendous ministry of Teen Challenge. I consider it a real privilege to endorse this work. Thank God for places like Teen Challenge that not only understand the problem, but know God, who can set young people free and transform them into whole, useful, caring people.

Ruth Graham

Not only does Teen Challenge help our young people deal with their substance abuse, but it also gives our kids something to live for — a relationship with God, a healthy self-esteem, and a direction in their lives that finally leads somewhere.

I sincerely appreciate your efforts to reach and rehabilitate the many young people who have, at present, no hope in life. The ministry and dedication of Teen Challenge deserve the commendation of every citizen.

Ronald Reagan
Former President, USA

Too many young [people] have already lost their lives, and too many others have suffered serious injury for us to ignore the problems of juvenile alcohol and drug abuse. Programs such as yours [Teen Challenge] work to change young people’s lives by changing their hearts. I commend you for your work with young men who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

George W. Bush
Former President, USA

It is a pleasure to extend most sincere congratulations to Teen Challenge of Mississippi on their outstanding work in assisting Mississippi individuals who struggle with alcohol and/or drug problems...I wish Teen Challenge of Mississippi much continued success and appreciate the service they provide to the people of Mississippi.

Phil Bryant

Of all the drug programs reported to the Commission, the most successful is the religiously based program conducted by Teen Challenge.

Dr. John A. Howard

I believe in the work of this great organization. A government funded research project concluded that Teen Challenge has the highest success rate in helping people move from substance abuse, off substance abuse. The ministry of Teen Challenge International, USA has helped countless individuals through its 40-year history. Teen Challenge changes the world one person at a time, by offering hope and direction to those with problems that are ruining their lives.

John Ashcroft

In promotion and of advertising, a testimonial or show consists of a person's written or spoken statement extolling the virtue of a product.

Franklin Hudson
CTO, StartUp Hut