Romans 12:5

"So we, though many, are one body in Christ, & individually members one of another." (ESV)


A group of people with different skills & different tasks, who work together on a common project, service, or goal, with a meshing of functions & mutual support

Our Team At Mercy House Adult & Teen Challenge

Bryan Wilson


Pastor Wilson Team Pic

God called me to start this Teen Challenge because our family had a long line of alcoholics until God delivered my father & broke the generational curse on our family. We are now three generations of ministers. One life changed can transform the trajectory of a whole family of generations, saving children from abuse, giving sons back to mothers, husbands back to wives, & fathers back to children. There is also the reality that our church had sent 200 men to other TCs around the country but some could not leave the state because of legal issues. So we could not help them & God said, "Do something about it." The the miracles began.


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Matthew Milliman

Executive Director

Matt Milliman Team Photo
My dad was an alcoholic who always put his life above his family. This left me empty and looking for something to satisfy me. I used drugs and alcohol because it made me feel like I was important. I’ve spent time in prison and lost everything I had. I have been clean and sober for almost 4 years and Teen Challenge has helped rescue me from addiction and taught me how to live again. I am now engaged to a beautiful Godly woman, and I am now working to help other men find freedom. Close

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Carl Williams

Program Director

Carl W Staff Photo
I carried a great deal of pain from the abuse I experienced as a young boy, which ultimately lead me into a lifestyle of illicit drug use. At the age of 12 I started experimenting with hard drugs, which took me down a path of darkness and destruction. I found myself incarcerated after accumulating multiple felony charges and God opened the door for me to enter into Teen Challenge. While in Teen Challenge, God birthed the vision in my heart to be in fulltime ministry and help those that are bound like I was. I’m so grateful that God has allowed me to be a part of such a powerful and lifechanging ministry. MY wife and I have been privileged to pioneer a men and women’s center together, and now we are excited and thrilled to be working side by side here at Mercy House. Close

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Ben Mullen

Assistant Director

Ben Mullen Team Photo A
I spent 23 years trapped in the bondage of addictions. I used alcohol, drugs and women to try and fill a void caused by a childhood wound. In 2005, my wife discovered my hidden life and gave me an ultimatum; her and the children or the addictions. My family has been restored and I am now an ordained pastor. This year, we celebrate 14 years of sobriety and my 3rd year working at Mercy House Adult & Teen Challenge. Close

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Kim Brink

Academic Director

Kim Brink Team Photo

By God’s grace and His mercy I am able to write this. At 56 years old I came to Georgetown, MS to start a new life in Christ. The prior 38 years of my life,I had been a “functioning” alcoholic and drug addict who had ran from the life God had planned for me. Bound and determined not to run again, to set my feet on the solid foundation of Truth, and seek a relationship with Christ, I have been made “new.” Since 2010 God has had His Hand on directing me and, today, I am the Director of Education and an ordained minister of the Gospel. I give God the glory, honor and praise for His love, patience, and compassion. Thank you, Jesus!


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Howard Kittrell

Intake Coordinator

Howard Kittrell Team Photo
For 40 years I lived in darkness. I spent most of those years hopelessly addicted to gambling. I thought, "It is just who I am what I would always be." In 2014 my addiction landed me in jail and from there I came to MHATC,where I found hope in Christ Jesus. My marriage, as well as my relationship with my family has been restored and my wife and I now work for MHATC and are able to help others find the same hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Close

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Brian Vaughn

Outreach Coordinator/Teacher

My name is Brian Vaughn, and I am 31 years old. Revelations 12:11 says we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony! I was an alcoholic, and pain iv user for over 14 years of my life. My drug and alcohol addiction cost me my family, I attempted suicide twice, flip my car 5 times, I’ve been run over, had my whole right side of my face reconstructed, and left for dead many times. I've lost three brothers to overdose from alcohol and drugs. In 2015, I entered Adult & Teen Challenge with no hope. I had pretty much given up on life, but after being there a few weeks I gave my life to Christ. After graduating in 2017, I was able to lead my wife back to God, and we are both on fire for God! I lost everything, but Adult & Teen challenge was the best decision I could have ever made. I am now the father and husband I have always wanted to be! I am now working on 4 years clean and sober, and God has healed and broke the generational curse that has been on my family!! The Holy Spirit touched my life, and all anyone needs that is struggling with addiction is one touch from God! Thank you Mercy House Adult & Teen Challenge for leading me to Christ and TRUE FREEDOM! I decided to work at Mercy House because it was God ordained & i received a prophetic word to work at the same ministry i found freedom in. I work as a Teacher & Outreach Coordinator. Close

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Jason McCrocklin

Work Coordinator

Jason McCrocklin Team Photo A

For 20 years I battled a drug addiction that sent me to prison multiple times. It cost me everything over and over again. I destroyed every relationship I had. Not seeing how bad I was hurting everyone who loved me. I even let drugs come between me and my daughter, almost loosing her, yet powerless to do anything to fix it. Broken I came to mercy house, where I learned of Gods love for me, and how to trust in Him for His strength. Today I've been sober for nearly 3 years. My relationship with my daughter has been restored. I have peace. I have hope. And I have a future.


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Joshua Cook

Marketing/Seeds Of Hope

Josh Cook Video Cover Pic With Kids
My name is Joshua Cook, I'm 38 years old. I lived in darkness for 22 years of my life. I came to Teen Challenge August 17, 2017 & was set free from the bondage of addiction & alcoholism. It tells us in John 8:12 "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of Life." And today I have that light. Close

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Darla Williams

Thrift Store Manager

Darla W Staff Photo
Since I was a young girl I always struggled with depression, low self-esteem and identity issues, this eventually led me into a lifestyle of illicit drug use. This landed me in jail a handful of times and losing everything that I worked hard for. I have always known God but never understood what it meant to have a personal relationship with Him. At the lowest point of my life I entered Teen Challenge and my life drastically changed, when I committed my life to God, he did spiritual surgery in me and fixed areas in my life I never thought would change. For the last few years we were blessed and privileged to have pioneered a men and women’s center. Now God has called us to be a part of Mercy House and we’re excited for what he has in store for us!Close

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Ronda Dent

Administrator/Online Giving

Ronda Dent Team Photo

My heart for ministry is to see everyone I come in contact with to know the Jesus that lives in me. I grew up with an alcoholic father who abused my mother on a daily basis in front of me & my siblings. I am an overcomer of a long life of abuse & divorce. My heart's desire is for men & women to be set free from the bondage of sin. God was faithful to our prayers & my father was saved in his sixties & died from cancer two years later. Our God is faithful!


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Sharon Pointer



Addiction has followed me for years. As I grew up, my family was disfunctional because of Drugs/Alcohol/Relationships. Those are the things I craved in my life. I was receiving counseling with Pastor Bryan Wilson and that is what brought me to MHATC. My life has been forever changed through this ministry.


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Michael Moore


Mercy House Auto Center Staff

Lee Roberts

General Manager

Lee Roberts Team Photo

Alcohol & drugs destroyed everything in my life that had any true value. I lost my wife & kids to divorce. I turned away from a twenty year career as a master technician. I completely gave up on life & accepted that I was always going to be an addict. Even to the point of losing my home & living in my truck. One night in my truck contemplating ending it all, I cried out to God for His help. I was literally sick & tired of being sick & tired. God is faithful & He does answer prayers. Just hours later I saw a Teen Challenge flyer! I didn't know who or what T.C. ws but I saw "long-term" & "faith-based" & I knew it was God speaking. I called immediately & admitted myself to Mercy House. I learned to have a productive, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, & through that relationship God restored back to me everything I lost & even more. My wife & I even got re-married a couple months after I graduated. Now I am the General Manager at Mercy House Auto Center living out my dream & I have never had so much joy & peace! All because I surrendered 100% of my life to Jesus. What an amazing God we serve.


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Garrick Crouch

Vehicle Donation Program

Garrick Crouch Team Photo A

I lived in the darkness of drug use for 12 years. Prison didn't change me & the world couldn't help me. I tried every medicine, doctor, & self-help there was. No one told me I could be free from the misery & hate I felt. That all changed when I met Jesus Christ. I'm an intern at Mercy House & grew in Christ at this place where I now serve to help other men find the same freedom I now have.


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Barry Hyde

Mercy House Auto Center Salesman

Barry Hyde Photo

My name is Barry Hyde and my experience with Adult and Teen Challenge stems from my step-son, Nathan who attended and graduated the programs in Hot Springs and Cape Girardeau in 2008-2009. That program was instrumental in turning his life around. My career here started 6 years ago originally as the office manager for 2 years and the last 4 as the intake coordinator. I also have a PSNL certification to counsel the students in their class activities. What I have received while being here is the blessings of seeing men grow in their relationship with Christ. As Christ enters their life and leads their decision making, wiser decisions are made and restoration begins. Seeing the seeds planted, the growth and maturity of our hard work and commitment change lives gives me the blessing of knowing we are doing God’s work. The increased knowledge, faith and prayer life that I have received as a staff member is only secondary to seeing men’s lives change.


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