Isaiah 43:19

"Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness & rivers in the desert."


The act or instance of making or becoming different

Intake Questionnaire

The admission process begins with this questionnaire & has 10 major points. Please review the questionnaire to determine your eligibility & entry into our program. After reviewing the questionnaire please follow each of the steps outlined below in the intake process.

Are you a sex offender?

Unfortunately we cannot take offenders of this nature because we are too close to a public park & a school

How old are you?

Our acceptance ages range from 21 to 65 years of age

Are you on disability?

We do accept many people on disability but in most cases, depending on your situation, a discussion with the Intake Coordinator would be required

Are you on Probation?

Your Probation Officer would need to be contacted before you could transfer out of the county you are currently reporting in

Are you taking psychotropic medication?

No anxiety, depression, manic depression, or psychotropic medications or sleep aids are allowed to be taken here

Do you use nicotine?

You can’t smoke, dip or vape. All of these including nicotine patches are not allowed

Is he in jail?

Someone in jail needs to wait for their court date. We can forward a letter of acceptance directly to the court so the court system can determine if our program is a good fit for that particular individual

Should you bond them out?

We cannot give legal advice but experience shows waiting for the judge to order that person here is more successful

Does the person want help or do you want the help for them?

Someone coming here should have a desire to change. This can be determined in a phone interview with family & the prospective student

Is he in state or out of state?

Because of our success we get many people from out of state. If there are any legal issues surrounding the student they have to be addressed. Commonly an interstate compact would need to be approved before coming here. If he is on Probation or has pending charges, most of the time he cannot leave the state he is in

Steps To Complete Intake Process

Step 1

Step 2

Go to the MyTeenChallenge website & fill out the online application at MyTeenChallenge - Enrollment

Step 3

Call the Intake Coordinator to discuss your application, answer any questions you have, & complete a phone interview.
Howard Kittrell (601) 720-3718 (if no one answers please leave a text message with your name & number). The best time to call is Mon-Thurs 12:30PM to 3:30PM

Step 4

Complete the blood work requirement. TB, HIV, & HEP B & C are required & need to be faxed to (601) 858-2420. Exceptions: If someone is incarcerated & can only complete the TB test the following can be administered once he arrives. Executive Director approval

Step 5

All students must copy the student hand book out word for word. This can be done before you come in while waiting for blood work or a bed. This is an option to get ahead but not a requirement

Step 6

Follow up with another phone call to confirm the blood work was received & determine the projected date to come in. A list of approved items to bring in is listed in the next section

Step 7

Discuss financial arrangements to cover the $700 Intake Fee (non-refundable)

Step 8

Come prepared to stay on the date & time set for you & be committed to complete a minimum 14-month Christian Discipleship Program. Phase 1 & phase 2 are completed at the same location

Step 9

Address: 1110 Mary St Georgetown, MS 39078 (Copiah County) (Georgetown is at the corner of highway 27 and highway 28, 45 minutes south of Jackson, MS)